:: Character & Building Concepts ::

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Hi guys! It’s been a while since I’ve post anything in here. Well it’s about time for me to share something of my work that as been in my “drawer” for quite a while now, so it’s time to reveal it. This are some concepts that I’m working on for a game that me and some friends were trying to build. Even if it is published or not I will continue to share them with you.


:: Portugal in EU ::

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avo_jose neta_maria_v2 neto_luis_v2

Estes são os três principais personagens que desenvolvi para uma Banda Desenhada que publiquei em 2010 chamada “PORTUGAL NA CEE”. Irei disponibilizar brevemente essa BD em CBR/PDF pois não existe forma de adiquirir o livro nas livrarias.

This are the three main characters from a comic book that I made and it came out in 2010 called “PORTUGAL IN THE EU”. I’ll give you the link soon so you can download it because there’s no way of purchansing it in the book stores or in any kiosk.

::: Wolvie :::

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Esboçando wolvie…

Just sketching wolvie…

::: Dinossaur Collection :::

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A minha colecção de dinossauros começa a aumentar, ainda tenho imensas ilustrações para realizar e depois postarei aqui. Espero que gostem.

My dinosaur collection is starting to grow, and I still have tons of illustrations to accomplish but I will keep on posting them here. Hope you like them.

::: Dog Fight :::

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Esta ilustração faz parte de uma ideia que tive sobre combate de aviões da WWII.

São cenas de combates ficcionados que no meu ponto de vista dão imagens espectaculares. Espero que gostem.

This illustration belongs to an idea that I had about the WWII planes.

These are fictioned air combats that in my point of view can give us awesome pictures. Hope you like it.

::: Toon Portrait :::

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Este tipo de retrato cartoon foi criado para definir um estilo de retrato que pretendo vender. (Este é apenas um exemplo de como pode resultar graficamente).

This cartoon illustration, was made for a new kind of portraits that I’m selling (this is just an example that how it can be graphicly).

::: Merry Xmas (for some) :::

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Feliz Natal para todos!!! Assim espero. Pois o Pai Natal ficou sem prendas este ano…oh oh oh.

Merry Xmas to you all! I hope. Santa is without gifts this year…oh oh oh.